The Lupus Society of Alberta hosts several different fundraising events on an on-going annual basis. Funds raised during our events help us support our lupus community through awareness campaigns, education initiatives, and partnerships with local health providers to further lupus research.

Step Out for Lupus

Step Out for Lupus is an annual 3K walk  community-building and fundraising event. It is hosted in both Edmonton and Calgary, as well as virtual for 2024,  and provides an opportunity for our lupus community to meet, support and learn from one another in a fun and validating environment.

Lets Talk Lupus

Lets talk Lupus is a chance for  our members to get together for a presentation on lupus related issues, and  to share experiences.

Lupus Education Days

Our education programs allow us to provide our community with current information on lupus research, treatments, diagnostics, and lifestyle. Events are often recorded to ensure those who cannot attend in person have access to the information!

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