Why Donate?

The activities of the Lupus Society of Alberta are supported by fundraising, memberships and donations from people like you. Funds are used to support lupus patients, further lupus research, promote public awareness and provide education to communities all over Alberta.

We urge you to donate to this worthy cause today. Thank you!

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Challenge Lupus

Lupus is called “the disease with a thousand faces” because the symptoms and course of the disease differ so much from person to person. Lupus affects people of all ages, genders and ethnic backgrounds, and can affect any part of the body including the skin, joints, brain, lungs, kidneys, blood vessels, and other internal organs.

“Any face could be the face of lupus.”

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Why Volunteer?

We depend on the dedication of volunteers to help raise funds that are key to our existence as a non-profit society, to raise awareness of lupus, and provide education and support to Albertans affected by this disease.

Volunteers are the backbone of our organization – their efforts are much appreciated and are essential to our success.

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Thank you….

The success of the LSA over the past few months could not have been achieved without the generous support of our sponsors, volunteers, donors, and participants.